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History of RiseAbove, LLC

The Beginning

The idea was to stop having to manually clean the toilet seat before seating on it. The idea was entered into a competition in 2016 from there RiseAbove was born and grew into an established Maryland LLC in 2020.

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

The Problem

Ever been to a restaurant? Or the airport? Or a football stadium?

Do you know what they have in common?


More specifically, toilet seats.

When you have to go, you have to go and unfortunately that means touching a more than likely used toilet seat. Now you have toilet seat covers to help but they typically cause more harm than good, leaving more of a mess in the stall and they're harmful to the environment being made from paper.


The Solution

The solution to this problem is The Cleaning Guard. The Cleaning Guard is the use of innovated technologies that will clean the toilet seat for each person before using it. The Cleaning Guard will be an eco-friendly solution also offering a universal eco-friendly solution that will clean the seat. 


Where is the Cleaning Guard Needed ?

Think about any building with a public restroom and that's where the Cleaning Guard is needed. 

  • Airports

  • Hospitals 

  • Restaurants

  • Stadiums 

  • Shopping Malls

And wherever else you can think of. 

public places 2_edited.jpg

Market For Cleaning Guard

The market RiseAbove and the Cleaning Guard will become a part of is the cleaning company's market. The market consists of companies that offer cleaning products, cleaning services as well as cleaning solutions.

Company's Timeline: Services
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